Welcome to the Union City Public Library located in the city of Union City, which is on the eastern edge of Randolph County, Indiana.  The population served by the libary is approximately 3,612.


The Library got its inception from a society of young ladies that was organized April 23, 1887.  Through their efforts, along with other literary and social organizations, the beginnings of a city library were established.  A Library Board was formally organized April 10, 1902.


Because a permanent quarters was needed, and the city owned four centrally located lots that had been designated as a park and for a library building, a grant was sought from Andrew Carnegie.  With a $10,000 grant, the building became a reality in 1904.


The original building boasted two fireplaces, one in the south wing, the other in the north wing of the top floor.  From the erecting of the building, only the upstairs was used until 1961, at which time the basement was fixed up as the children's area.


Throughout the years, improvements to the grounds and the interior of the building have been carried out.  The biggest renovation took place in 1988 with the addition of an elevatorette and new stairs in the south entry of the building.  New shelving was built, carpeting installed, walls painted, blinds and lighting replaced and updated.  During this same time, a new furnace and central air conditioning was installed.  Computers arrived on the scene in the early 90's.


Union City property owners pay a percentage of their tax levy to the library.  This levy, approved by the Board of Trustees each budget year, has provided financial stability for care and maintenance.  In the 1960's, Jackson and Wayne Township Trustees in Randolph County began signing contracts for library services.



Last updated 9/6/12

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